The Courier Advertising Policy

Established by the PWDCA, Inc. (Effective July 1, 2015)

Advertisers: Advertisers of dogs and/or kennels must be current PWDCA members in good standing.

Advertising: Advertising is open to all Portuguese Water Dogs.

Verification of Health Test Results: Health test results must be entered on the Advertising Order Form. Health test results will be verified in the PWDCA Health & Litter Database or the OFA website. Only documentation of any health test results not reported in either of those sources must accompany the ad submission. CHIC Cleared by Parentage (CBP) certificates for PRA, GM-1, or JDCM will be accepted as documentation in lieu of certificates of test results.

Breeding Related Advertising: Breeding related ads refer to stud dogs, brood bitches, litters, or any aspect of the breeding of Portuguese Water Dogs.

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America strongly recommends that dogs being used for breeding

  • must have an OFA#;
  • must have either a current CERF# or ECR# up to 120 months of age, or a final CERF# or ECR# assigned from an normal exam performed after the dog has reached 120 months of age;
    (Note: A dog rated OptiGen “C” or “C1” or “Affected” can be featured in a breeding-related ad provided it has a current CERF/ECR exam form with a sole diagnosis of PRA as the reason for failure)
  • must either be OptiGen tested for prcd PRA or have a CBP certificate; and
  • must either be tested for GM-1 or have a CBP certificate.

Breeding-related ads must contain a statement complying with the above recommendations using the wording indicated below. The Courier will not accept breeding-related ads without documentation. Certificates or a printout from the Health & Litter Database must accompany health test claims as documentation. CHIC Cleared by Parentage (CBP) certificates for PRA, GM-1, or JDCM will be accepted as documentation in lieu of certificates of test results.

When advertising the frozen semen of a deceased dog, health certifications must have been in accordance with the PWDCA breeding-related advertising policy in effect at the time of the dog’s death.

All Other Advertising: The PWDCA requires owners to fully disclose date of birth plus all health testing that has been done on PWDs being advertised. The wording “Not Tested” can be used for dogs advertised in non-breeding ads. Health statements are not required in memorial ads nor in ads for PWDs listed as spayed or neutered; however, they are encouraged. Health information must be stated using the wording choices below. Certificates or a printout from the H&L Database must accompany health test claims as documentation.

Truth In Advertising: Advertisers warrant the truth and accuracy of materials submitted to the Editor. Challenges to claims in Courier ads must be submitted in writing to the PWDCA Recording Secretary. The Recording Secretary shall promptly send a copy of the complaint to the PWDCA Board of Directors and The Courier Editor, and shall notify the advertiser that a challenge has been received. Upon notification of a challenge by the Recording Secretary, the advertiser will have 30 days in which to submit a response. The PWDCA Board of Directors then will decide the merits of the challenge and notify all parties of its decision.

If an advertiser is found to have provided false information or claims, a notice will be published in The Courier and the advertiser will be suspended from advertising for one year, and the Board will include the case and its findings in the Board meeting minutes.

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